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For details regarding oral presentations and posters see the Book of Abstracts (PDF, 4 MB)

The programme is also available for download in PDF format: IAFPA 2023 Programme (PDF, 489 KB)
(S denotes papers and posters eligible for student papers/posters awards)

Evening of Sunday, 9th July 2023

Students: 5:30 PM

All attendees: 6:30 PM

Conference Opening and Welcome Drinks @ETH Dozentenfoyer


DAY 1 (Monday, 10th July 2023)

8:30-9:00 AM


9:00 AM

Conference Welcome

Special Session 1: Case reports

Chair: Andrea Föhlich

9:20-9:40 AM

Vincent van Heuven

You’re on the wrong track! Some disputed utterances in a two-channel phone tap

9:40-10:00 AM

Arjan van Dijke

Forensic analysis of audio recordings using the Electric Network Frequency method: a case study

10:00-10:20 AM

Angelika Braun and Jacek Kudera

The influence of mismatch conditions on LRs

10:20-10:40 AM

Mirjam de Jonge and Tina Cambier-Langeveld

Blind Grouping: Practical Implementation

10:40-11:00 AM

Honglin Cao, Sixue Gao, Xiaodong Xu and Yue Zhong

Case report: how was the disputed audio recording stopped?

11.00-11:15 AM

Coffee Break

11:15-12:15 AM

Plenary 1: Petr Motlicek

Speaker verification and identification for criminal investigations and forensics

12:15-1:15 PM


1:15-2:30 PM

Poster Session 1

2:30-4:00 PM

Workshop 1: Tina Cambier-Langeveld and Christin Kirchhübel

Let’s talk about Bayes!

4:00-4:25 PM

Coffee Break

Oral Session 1: Speaker discrimination

Chair: Paula Rinke

4:25-4:45 PM

Alice Paver, Kirsty McDougall and Francis Nolan

Is pitch equally powerful for the auditory discrimination of low-, mid- and high-pitched voices?

4:45-5:05 PM

Valeriia Perepelytsia and Volker Dellwo

Own-age bias in voice recognition by younger and older adults


5:05-5:25 PM

Vincent Hughes, Carmen Llamas and Thomas Kettig

The effect of other forensic evidence and expert opinions on lay listener perceptions in voice comparison tasks

5:25-5:45 PM

Leah Bradshaw, Eleanor Chodroff and Volker Dellwo

Exploring the relationship between acoustic-phonetic and perceived voice similarity



Students’ drinks @Frau Gerolds Garten


DAY 2 (Tuesday, 11th July 2023)

9:00-10:30 AM

Workshop 2: Volker Dellwo and Herbert Masthoff

Doing Casework

Part 1 (Herbert Masthoff)

Part 2.1 (Volker Dellwo)

Part 2.2 (Volker Dellwo)

Workshop 3: Philip Harrison and Amelia Gully

Breaking the chain: exploring the limits of interpreting audio evidence

10:30-10:45 AM

Coffee Break

Oral Session 2: Methodology

Chair: Valeriia Perepelytsia

10:45-11:05 AM

Lauren Harrington and Richard Rhodes

Forensic transcription: a survey of expert transcription practices in Europe and North America


11:05-11:25 AM

Helen Fraser, Debbie Loakes, Ute Knoch and Lauren Harrington

Towards accountable evidence-based methods for producing reliable transcripts of indistinct forensic audio

11:25-11:45 AM

Hanna Ruch, Andrea Fröhlich and Sarah Lim

Clustering a large number of unknown voices

11:45-12:05 AM

Kirsty McDougall, Pautz Nikolas, Peter Goodwin, Francis Nolan, Katrin Müller-Johnson, Alice Paver and Harriet M.J. Smith

An investigation of the effect of warning strength on voice parade performance

12:05-1:05 PM


1:05-2:15 PM

Poster Session 2

Oral Session 3: Spoofed speech

Chair: Lois Fairclough

2:15-2:35 PM

Radek Skarnitzl, Tomáš Nechanský and Alžběta Houzar

Acoustic, perceptual and ASR analysis of targeted voice manipulations

2:35-2:55 PM

Linda Gerlach, Finnian Kelly, Kirsty McDougall and Anil Alexander

A convincing voice clone? Automatic voice similarity assessment for synthetic speech samples


2:55-3:15 PM

Daniel Denian Lee, Kirsty McDougall, Finnian Kelly and Anil Alexander

PASS (Phonetic Assessment of Spoofed Speech): Towards a human-expert-based framework for spoofed speech detection


3:15-3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:30-4:30 PM

Plenary 2: Prof. Dr. Catalin Grigoras

Digital Audio Authentication: Framework, Challenges and Solutions

4.30-5.30 PM

Annual General Meeting of the Association

7:00 PM

Conference Dinner (BBQ @Campus Irchel)


DAY 3 (Wednesday, 12th July 2023)

9:30-10:30 AM

Plenary 3: Dr. Georgina Brown

Synthetic speech is more than a threat

Oral Session 4: ASR

Chair: Linda Gerlach

10:30-10:50 AM

Vincent Hughes, Jessica Wormald, Paul Foulkes, Philip Harrison, Poppy Welch, Chenzi Xu, Finnian Kelly and David van der Vloed

Effects of vocal variation on the output of an automatic speaker recognition system

10:50-11:10 AM

Chenzi Xu, Vincent Hughes, Jessica Wormald, Paul Foulkes, Philip Harrison, Poppy Welch, Finnian Kelly and David van der Vloed

Impact of the changes in long-term acoustic features upon different-speaker ASR scores

11:10-11:30 AM

Michael Jessen, Anil Alexander, Thomas Coy, Oscar Forth and Finnian Kelly

CON(gruence)-plots for assessing agreement between voice comparison systems

11:30 – 11:50 AM

Coffee Break

Special Session 2: Casework practices

Chair: Lauren Harrington

11:50-12:10 AM

Christin Kirchhuebel, Georgina Brown and Luke Carroll

The future of evidential voice analysis in the UK: 'Self-employed' is not a dirty word

12:10-12:30 AM

Richard Rhodes, Katherine Earnshaw, Bryony Nuttall, Edie Murray and Peter French

Casework Procedures & Information Management Strategies

12:30-12:50 AM

Colleen Kavanagh, Peter Milne and Emily Lawrie-Munro

Forensic Voice Comparison in Canada

12:50-1:10 PM

Isolde Wagner, Dagmar Boss and Vincent Hughes

Best Practice Manual for the Methodology of Forensic Speaker Comparison - A Framework Document developed within ENFSI

1:10-1:30 PM