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Call for Papers

The 31st Annual Conference of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) will take place in Zurich on July 9–12, 2023.

We invite proposals for papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Speaker/voice comparison
  • Speech and audio enhancement
  • Transcription
  • Speaker profiling
  • Questioned utterance analysis
  • Authentication of recordings
  • LADO (Language Analysis for the Determination of Origin)
  • Automatic speaker recognition/comparison
  • Voice line-ups
  • Retrieval of population data
  • Exceptional case reports
  • Method validation and proficiency testing

Abstract details

Length: maximum 500 words, excluding title and references; figures may be included, but the document should not exceed two pages. Please use this template (DOCX, 108 KB) and submit your abstract via email to

Important dates

  • Deadline for oral papers and posters: CLOSED.
  • Deadline for work-in-progress: May 22, 2023.  May 29, 2023.
  • Notification of acceptance for oral papers and posters April 28, 2023.
  • Notification of acceptance for work-in-progress posters June 5, 2023.

Online talks

We are planning on giving the opportunity to give online talks (max 4 talks in total) to speakers who specifically request it. Presentations will be selected by quality, but priority will be given to participants based far away from Zurich (typically outside Europe). If you wish to apply for an online talk, please mark you abstract with 'online only'. Please be advised that the format of these talks is yet undefined and is dependent on the amount of submissions and requirements.


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